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January      18th   Needle felting skills               £40

                  19th   Needle felted Pictures            £40


February   7th   Anna Potapova leading a fox workshop                                  £110              

                  8th and 9th  Anna Potapova leading a sitting doll workshop       £230

                  11th   Anna Potapova leading a face workshop                              £110

                 12th and 13th  Anna Potapova leading a gnome workshop           £230


                  29th and 1st March Needle felted Hare or Sloth   £70


March       21st   Easter felting special event    £40

                 22nd  Easter felting special event    £40  


April         19th  Needle felted flowers part 1  £35


May         9th     Needle felted flowers part 2  £35  

               10th    Needle felted flowers part 2  £35



IMG_20190925_112626 IMG_20190428_142542 (1)

August 14th - 28th            Festival of Stitch  

             21st and 24th        Shop of skills

             22nd and 23rd      Makers and Traders at the National Waterfront Museum


October 3rd                        West Wales Woolshow